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August 9, 2019
Social Media Platforms for Your Blockchain Project
Social Media Platforms for Your Blockchain Project
August 9, 2019

Numerous ambitious crypto projects have the potential to change the world. However, many of these projects are struggling to make a splash on the digital landscape with their branding and marketing.

It’s not that these projects think of marketing as unimportant, but crypto marketing can be very resource-intensive. You can potentially be managing a whole suite of very different channels. Some of these channels might even be specifically for regions that you’re looking to expand into (e.g. Weibo for China).

If you’re just starting out or you’re looking to expand, it’s more efficient from a resource perspective to pick the channels best suited for your project’s current objectives.

From our previous experiences working with different projects, we have compiled a list of prominent social media platforms that we believe can help you achieve your project’s goals.

Important note: This list isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of list. It’s best to first evaluate your project’s needs and target audiences, as well as the resources that you have available before deciding on a mix of platforms to focus on. If you’re looking to raise brand awareness instead of fundraising, then certain platforms may be more suitable than others, and vice versa.




Created by Satoshi Nakamoto, BitcoinTalk (BTT) is considered one of the longest standing digital forums for the crypto community. Perhaps it’s the old school UI/UX that attracts nostalgic crypto punks, or maybe it’s the overall high levels of activity and genuine enthusiasm that keeps it alive. Whatever the reason, BitcoinTalk endures.

In previous years, hundreds of projects have used BTT to promote their token sales, post project updates, and advertise event activities. Famous projects like Ethereum have made their very first announcements on this forum, and the forum remains popular amongst new and existing projects to this day. Projects looking to make a splash among the old guard and players who have been around for a while, BitcoinTalk is the place to be.



Discord, a chat app for gamers, has also earned love and attention from the crypto community. Users here are likely techies or are more experienced in blockchain than your average netizen, so this is not the right platform if you’re looking to target newcomers to the scene. It works at its best for nurturing and managing a more tech-centric audience.

Projects have made full use of Discord’s functionalities. One particularly useful feature is its Separate Channels. Separate Channels allow projects to organize various topics into channels, each channel with the ability to customize access permissions. This allows projects to deliver messages to the people in the community that would care about them the most, and not just spam an entire group with different messages.

For example, a tech team can create a channel called #PaymentGateway for related conversations, whilst an event-marketing team can create a channel specifically for their upcoming events (e.g. #BlockchainWeekHK2019).

Developers are also able to develop and use bots in these channels, which opens up windows of opportunities for projects looking to streamline their customer services. If your project is looking for a popular and customizable approach to setting up a community, add this platform to your mix.



The most popular social media platform in the world, with more than 2.38 billion monthly active users. While the crypto audience has yet to hit the mainstream, many digital asset projects also understand the importance of having a presence on Facebook to draw in new faces, increase brand awareness, and update the world with how their project is doing.

Case in point, big players like Binance, Cardano, and Tron are very active on Facebook. Not only are they drawing in new leads for their services, but they’re also expanding the size of the crypto community as a whole.

Facebook also recently loosened its restrictions on cryptocurrency advertising, which is fantastic news for both marketers and projects looking to widen their reach.



The hottest social media platform for millennials, it’s difficult to imagine the image-focused platform being a place suitable for showcasing blockchain technologies and digital asset projects.

However, it is a prime place to find and target young adults who are likely to have some idea about the potentials of blockchain technology. Pages like CoinHooked and CoinDesk are doing an amazing job to visualize and explain blockchain concepts with creative infographics, strategies that your project can look to employ if you’re trying to reach a global audience.

You should also consider Instagram if your project is positioned to target the mainstream audience. The Winklevoss twins and their project Gemini have made Instagram one of their main focus points. Gemini is a cryptocurrency exchange, and this focus on Instagram makes it clear that they are aiming for mass adoption from those who are new to trading crypto. They aren’t competing by preaching the same choir that other crypto projects preach to, but instead seek new communities to generate leads.

Does this sound like it would be a fit for your project? Feel free to talk to us to find out if Instagram is a possible channel for your project to explore!

Visualize your project’s unique selling points and highlight its keynotes. Wrap it up in a fancy, filtered ribbon, and publish it to Instagram. You might be surprised at how well-received it might be.



With over 630 million active users per month, LinkedIn is the leading social network for professionals. According to LinkedIn, 61 million of these users are senior-level influencers, and 40 million users are in decision-making level positions. Advertisers and salesmen offering solutions to businesses can take advantage of ad formats such as Premium InMail. Premium InMail is an advertising format where you send messages into your target audience’s LinkedIn mailbox – a modernized version of direct mail advertising. If your project is seeking funding, partnerships, or any other business opportunity, there is no better place than LinkedIn.

But LinkedIn isn’t just for business development. LinkedIn can also be a way to become a leading authority in the crypto space amongst professionals.  Business figures and companies use LinkedIn to share insights and level up their thought leadership game within their industry networks.

For businesses and projects looking to build trust, showing an entire network of professionals that you know what you’re talking about is a good way to start.



One of the most popular forum-style websites in the entire world. But unlike Instagram or Facebook, Reddit is also home to a very active blockchain community. You’ll find these blockchain enthusiasts scattered across subreddits such as /r/Cryptocurrency or /r/Bitcoin.

Many projects have made their own subreddits to build and manage communities. If you’re looking to start your own subreddit, one thing to bear in mind is that with enthusiasm comes savviness and a critical eye for quality. Because the communities are active, they’re more likely to catch on and be critical if your project comes across obstacles and setbacks.

Projects looking to start and manage communities on Reddit as such need to make sure that they are prepared to tackle concerns and criticism in a civil and honest way. If you can do that, they will back you through thick and thin.

One particular thing to note is that ads promoting cryptocurrencies have been banned from Reddit’s platform since 2016.



If you’re active in the digital asset trading space, you’ve probably used Telegram. Well-known for its solid security and its channel features, the chat app is the primary communication channel for numerous ICOs and projects.

Community management on Telegram is straightforward and can be assigned. Typically, every chat group would appoint its own ‘Admins’, whose duties are to diligently respond to questions, manage complaints, and engage with the community at large.

Basically, a well-managed Telegram group is huge for projects who are looking to strengthen investor and general public confidence.

One downside to Telegram is that analytics and data reporting for the platform remain less advanced and accessible than platforms like FB/Twitter. OpenMinds is constantly looking for ways to further improve trackability on this platform



Like Telegram, Twitter is also considered one of the most popular platforms for Blockchain projects. The platform is populated by active key opinion leaders in the industry such as Buterin Vitalik and Chengpeng Zhao.

Twitter’s short word count is no obstacle for projects. Many projects use Twitter to disseminate information in a clear and concise manner.

One thing to note is that ICOs as of now are still banned from advertising on Twitter. However, the platform does allow advertising for crypto exchanges and blockchain technology projects (e.g. wallets and Apps).



WRAP UP: Know Your Goals when Choosing Your Platforms

Many analysts have predicted 2019 to be the next bull market, and that marks this year as an exciting time to be launching new projects.

Many new and ambitious projects are seeing this as a golden opportunity to look for fundraising. If you are one of these and you’re trying to reach out to a large audience, we understand that this is quite the intimidating list.

Just remember to first figure out what your primary goals are and your desired target audiences, before deciding on which social media platforms would be the best to achieve your marketing needs.

Got any questions? Looking to let the world know how awesome your project is? Feel free to reach out to us here!

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